Have you ever asked yourself "Why do I need a toner?". Well, one benefit of using the Clear Up Toner is that is helps remove any leftover dirt, oil and makeup that a cleanser did not remove. Additionally, our toner contains apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and peppermint oil which not only help remove toxins but will fight acne, shrink enlarged pores and balance your Ph level.


Witch Hazel- with antioxidant and astringent benefits it will help speed up the healing proces, prevent signs of aging, eradicate bacteria that lives within pores and removes excess oil which will help prevent acne.


Apple Cider Vinegar- prevents age spots, removes toxins, balances Ph levels and fights acne.


Peppermint - antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti- inflammatory properties helps prevent acne, reduce blackheads and combat oily skin.

*As a reminder don’t forget to patch-test any new skincare product. Always better to be safe than sorry 😊

Clear Up Toner 4 oz.

SKU: ls-ct-4oz
  • witch hazel, *apple cider vinegar, mastic gum, *holy basil,  *calendula oil, peppermint extract, eucalyptus extract *lemongrass extract *orange oil, vanilla oil, myrrh extract *date sugar, willow bark extract,  turmeric, licorice, pepper extract, houttuynia extract, L-arginine