Our Cleansing Oil is the perfect way to cleanse skin without stripping it of its naural oils. This oil will leave your face and neck feeling hydrated and nourished instead of dry and tight. Gently removes dirt, oil, makeup, sweat just about anything. Bonus points for being completely free of any parabens, sulfates, alcohol, artifical fragrances and chemicals of any kind. Contains ingredients that will add nutrients to your skin as oppose to taking them away.

Witch hazel- fights acne, reduces inflammation and tighten pores.

Date syrup- contains vitamin C and D which helps skin elesticity. Has anti-aging benefits and naturally fights bacterial infections.

Elderberry- contains anti-aging and free radical fighting properties keeping skin radiant. Is a natural detoxifying agent and helps restore skins healthly glow.

Jojoba oil- reduces redness, contains vitamin E and B helping to repair skin. Also, anti-microbial which helps prevent bacteria growth and acne breakouts.

Vanilla- anti-bacterial properties which helps cleanse skin reducing pimples and acne. Rich in antioxidants helping reverse skin damage caused by free radicals and slows down the signs of aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

*As a reminder don’t forget to patch-test any new skincare product. Always better to be safe than sorry 😊

Cleansing OIl 4 oz.

SKU: ls-co-40z
  • witch hazel, *aloe, *castor oil, *argan oil, *rice bran oil, *jojoba oil, *grapeseed oil, *date syrup, *glycerin, vitamin E, *stevia, silver, lecithin,  decyl glucoside (naturally derived from coconut), beet sugar extract,  sclerotium gum, PRESERVATIVES: Leucidal (fermented radish root), AMT coconut (fermented coconut fruit)     vanilla oil, orange oil,  EXTRACTS: *green tea, *hibiscus, lavender, rose, rosemary