That perfect glow you get from sitting in the sun (with SPF of course 😊) is available right from the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about sun spots, burning or peeling. Not only does Afterglow enhance that sun kissed look but will also add the nutrients you need to help heal and care for your skin while you have it on.

The look: A sheer even natural glow. Provides moderate coverage without the look of makeup. Want a darker color? Just add another layer. Perfect for those days when you want the illusion of perfect skin without all that heavy makeup and bronzer.

Zinc Oxide- provides the body with the extra zinc it needs to repair skin cells, treats acne breakouts and keeps moisture locked into dry skin which helps prevent wrinkles.

Mica- good for sensitive skin and calms already irritated skin. Adds a natural looking glow.

Camellia seed oil- penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin much like water, leaving it smooth and supple. Helps restore Ph levels and protect from age spots.

Coco Powder- hight in vitamins and flavonols that protect skin, fight free radicals, provides deep hydration and acts as a collagen booster.

*As a reminder don’t forget to patch-test any new skincare product. Always better to be safe than sorry 😊

Afterglow 1 oz.

  • *aloe, *argan, meadowfoam seed, squalane, sake, perilla,  *pomegranate, *rose hip seed oil, *watermelon oil, *red raspberry oil, *camellia oil, rice bran oil, murumuru butter, *sea buckhorn, *dragon blood, cherry blossom oil, *pumpkinseed oil, *prickly pear, *fig, cacay oil, *glycerin, *tamanu, *plum seed oil, *borage oil,  pumpkin seed peptide, copper, gold, platinum, silica, silver, zinc,  zinc oxide, allantoin, mica, beet sugar extract, silver citrate, citric acid, CoQ10, *stevia,  *apple seed oil, *date sugar, niacinamide, pearl powder, sclerotium gum, blue lotus essential oil   EXTRACTS (organic):  rose, vanilla, ginseng, lavender, uva uris, ginger, kalanchoe, oat, marshmellow root, hibiscus, witch hazel, green tea, licorice, magnolia bark. PRESERVATIVES: elderberry, willowbark, AMT coconut (fermented coconut fruit), Leucidal (fermented radish root).